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  • Online Personal information sharing tips
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  • How to spot fake profiles
  • Find out if someone else is using your photos in fake profiles
  • How to spot scam and phishing emails
  • How to avoid getting hacked
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When one of my Unleash Your Star Power media training clients Terry Cutler who is also known as the “Ethical Hacker” showed me what he was doing creating an internet security training course, I couldn't wait to watch it and also to endorse it.  He gives you easy how-to ways to protect your children from online bullying, all the way through to how to protect your company from internet breaches. Can't recommend him highly enough!  Check out his course, and Terry it's been a pleasure working with you and thank you for what you doing to make a difference to all of us !

Barbara Niven - Hollywood Actress, Unleash Your Star Power

You know, I’ve been following Terry for more than five years, and I can tell you it’s about time someone created a real course on Internet safety ! Look at it this way, We wouldn't allow our children to drive without a course right? So WHY do we do it when it comes to being on the Internet? There’s definitely some cool tips and tricks you can use when you follow his course. We know there’s a need to keep up with the dangers on the Internet, but Terry makes it easy, and you will always be one step ahead, and safe while you are online. Thanks Terry for getting it done!

Richard Tardif,

Terry Cutler Live Teaching

I believe that prevention, street-proofing and parent-child communication are effective ways to prevent a child from being Hacked, Scammed, abducted or falling victim to aggression and exploitation. Giving children the knowledge and practical skills they need to look after themselves is as important as teaching them to read and write

- Terry Cutler
Internet Safety Expert & Certified Ethical Hacker